About Us

About us 

MOLINGO It is a fashion brand founded in Barcelona. We design unique and exclusive clothes and accessories, unique and exclusive. We are fascinated by the job well done, working we work with local suppliers. OUR My philosophy is constant renewal so we I present continuous novelties, that is the result of our day to day inspiration our inspiration is the day to dayas we look at the small details that surround us,. Iin this way we capture this Mediterranean air that characterizes us so much

Molingo's client is a modern, strong, and elegant woman with a very its own style. The tenderness and freshness that our collections breathe makes the brand always young. With a chic, casual, feminine and urban style. 

Our proposals are very changeable and adapt to a wide range of women but always adjusting to the canon of naturalness and elegance.

Why shop online? Why do we have a shop online?

Because it's the fastest way to get to any corner of the whole world.

You can find us at:

Web: molingobarcelona.es
Instagram: @molingo_barcelona
Facebook: @molingobcn
Etsy: www.etsy.com/es/shop/MOLINGOBARCELONA

For more information you can write to us at: